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Your Results
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Choose whether you agree or disagree with the following statements from each risk area.

Incident Reporting

I can identify the person or department to whom I should report cybersecurity incidents.
I can describe at least three types of cybersecurity incidents that should be reported.

Physical Security

In general, "tailgating" isn't really a security threat at our facility.
I always ask guests, delivery persons, and others I don't know to wait outside until our office manager can assist them.

Identifying Malware

In general, it's OK to click "postpone" on those software update messages that appear on my electronic devices.
I've had either my work or personal computer infected by malware in the past.

Cloud Computing

I can describe my company's policies concerning the use of cloud storage and personal email servers.
To be honest, I use the same password for my personal cloud as I do for some work systems.

Identifying Personal Information

I can list off at least five types of personal information.
In general, I don't have a problem providing my personal information to online companies in exchange for services.

Phishing Awareness

To be honest, I've been tricked by phishing emails in the past.
I can describe at least four of the common warning signs of a phishing email.

Working/Computing Remotely

I sometimes connect to public Wi-Fi networks while working remotely.
I understand how a VPN works and why it's important to use one while working remotely.

Safe Use of Social Media

I sometimes post work-related comments, pictures, or information on my social media account.
I can describe how my social media use could create a cybersecurity risk to my company and to myself.
Dr. Tom

Welcome to your "Cybersecurity Check Up," courtesy of Dr. Tom at the Cyber Falls Medical Clinic!

No matter how much you think you know about the cyber threats facing you at work and home, everyone could use a refresher. It's all about keeping our personal data and assets safe.

Take our brief "Check Up" to see how healthy your cybersecurity habits really are.

Don't worry: All results are completely anonymous!

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